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Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry

Remove the anxiety and fear of your dentist visit by having your treatment performed while you are asleep under anaesthetic.

Reasons for Dental Treatment under General Anaesthetic

There are some circumstances when dental treatment cannot be performed in the dental chair and will have to be performed while the patient is under general anaesthetic. This can be due to:

  • Patient’s age
  • A disability
  • Anxiety
  • A large volume of treatment needing to be completed
  • Procedural difficulty
Treatment for anxious or dental phobic patients
Suitable for any healthy person at any age
When difficult procedures are required
Health fund cover for hospital costs

How does the Procedure Work?

We are able to perform most dental procedures under general anaesthetic. In the above cases, we are able to ease the stress on the patient and their family and perform the treatment while they are asleep. We treat our patients under general anaesthetic at a nearby day surgery centre. Generally, once the procedure has been completed, you will be able to go home within a few hours.

Performing treatment while under anaesthetic may either be recommended by your dentist, or can be requested by the patient themselves.

Consult Us

If you feel like it would be beneficial for you to have your dental treatment performed while you are asleep, book in for a consultation with one of our dentists and they will be able to discuss the process further with you.

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