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Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

When a filling isn't enough, trust crowns and bridges for confidence in your smile. Walk away assured and proud of your dental restoration.

Does My Tooth Need a Crown?

A crown is a permanent solution to fix your weak or broken down teeth. Benefits of a crown over a large filling include:

  • Strength and accuracy
  • Superior shape and aesthetics
  • Significant difference in longevity
  • Less chance of decay
  • Can cover darkened or stained teeth
  • Can aid in reshaping and aligning teeth
  • Prevents your tooth from breaking or fracturing
  • Protects your tooth that has had root canal treatment

Rebuild your broken tooth or replace what's missing
Have the confidence to eat what you want
High quality materials and all Australian made
Remarkable aesthetics
Strong and long lasting
Save that tooth that you thought you couldn't

Crown Materials

We use strong, Australian made crowns that are made individually and accurately for your tooth.

Crowns will usually be made from porcelain or zirconia, but gold crowns are sometimes placed from time to time. Discuss with your dentist which material is best for you taking into account strength and aesthetics.

Can a Bridge Replace my Missing Tooth?

Yes! A bridge usually involves placing crowns on the adjacent teeth along with a crown in place of the missing tooth. All three crowns are fused together, so effectively, the adjacent teeth are supporting the crown in the space. 

A bridge can usually replace one or two missing teeth. Although the teeth are joined together, they look very natural and ‘individual’ in the mouth.

Occasionally, only one tooth is strong enough to support a missing tooth. These bridges are referred to as ‘cantilever bridges’ or ‘maryland bridges’ depending on their design.

While bridges are a great option for replacing missing teeth, dental implants are often placed in preference as preparation of the adjacent teeth may not be the best option.

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