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Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Let us help keep your children’s teeth clean and healthy and watch them grow into confident adults. Suburban Smiles is here for your children's dentistry needs.

The Importance of Children's Dentistry

At Suburban Smiles, we take the health of your children’s teeth and mouth seriously. We aim to make their experience at our clinic a positive one. We have books, toys and colouring pages in the waiting room and our dentists take extra time to make sure they are comfortable with their examinations and treatment. Dental care needs to start from a young age and visiting the dentist regularly is important for your child’s development.

Make your kid’s dentist visit a happy one
Prevention is our priority
Keep your child's teeth healthy and keep them smiling
Have check ups and treatment in a relaxed environment
Monitor your child's tooth development and spacing
Medicare rebate up to $1000 for eligible children

The Early Years

When your child is growing up, it is essential that you teach them how to look after their teeth. Develop good habits early by:

  • Brushing your child’s teeth twice a day with a pea-sized amount of a fluoride children’s toothpaste
  • Following a healthy diet low in sugar will help prevent cavities in teeth
  • Visiting the dentist from 2 years of age.

It is good to familiarise your child with the dentist at an early age and a good opportunity to cover your home care routine. At your child’s first visit, they will go for a ride in the chair, we will count their teeth and make sure their teeth and gums are healthy.

Treating Children with Ease

If there is a need to treat one of your child’s teeth, this can often be performed quickly and with minimal discomfort, sometimes without the need for a local anaesthetic. Most children having treatment performed leave smiling, more confident that a visit to the dentist isn’t really that bad.

Occasionally there is a need for a large amount of dental work to be performed or treatment required for a patient that is very apprehensive. Rest assured that we are in a great position to manage all our patients, and if required, we are able to treat both children and adults while they are asleep under anaesthetic.

Why Should you Care about their Baby Teeth?

Think of baby teeth as training wheels. Healthy baby teeth give way to healthy adult teeth and good habits set your child up for life. Most children will retain some baby teeth until 13 – 14 years of age and baby teeth help form the structure of your jaws and keep space for your adult teeth so it’s important to look after them. Poorly maintained baby teeth can lead to painful infections and unhealthy gums for your child.

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